What Makes Us Unique? 

Our online courses are packed with innovation and effectiveness. Our instructors are trained in the Refinery Barre Methodtm and encouraged to use creativity and invention, so each Refinery class may have differing choreography, while adhering to our proven, effective, and energizing format. With new classes posted online every week, even barre junkies get their needed fix! 


The Refinery’s Purpose

To unleash the unlimited potential of everyone we touch. 



The Refinery’s Promise

To always go above and beyond to deliver an extraordinary and unique experience.


What is Barre? 

Barre is the best and fastest way to sculpt your body to create a long and lean physique. Taking strong influence from ballet and group fitness, barre is about performing small, isometric movements that are safe and effective for all ages and body types. Every segment engages and fatigues multiple major muscle groups and is followed by a brief stretch to lengthen and strengthen the body. 

Barre technique is low impact and involves a small amount of cardio. It is the best workout for anyone who wants to improve their abs, legs, booty, and arms. Exercises are performed to upbeat music making barre enjoyable whether you’re by yourself or here with friends.



What Is The Refinery Barre Methodtm?

This is the barre process: exercising muscles to fatigue through small, isometric movements.

Sheryl Webster developed The Refinery Barre Method to remedy common drawbacks found in other programs, and to heighten the incredible potential of barre. The Refinery Barre Method is comprised of training modules. Instructors are trained to be both goal and process oriented, whereas other programs usually stress one or the other — but rarely both. A Refinery Barre class includes routines for all major muscle groups, and sub-routines within those groups, The Refinery Barre Method is appropriate — even ideal — for all levels of fitness and experience, as instructors modify individual routines to accommodate differing client needs. The Refinery Barre Method goal is to provide incentives to ensure that the process facilitates reaching the goal. Therefore, each class is different from every other class. Music changes, the order of presentation is different: each instructor’s unique capabilities are allowed to show and shine. Refinery clients respond more readily, reach milestones more quickly, and, simply put, have more fun doing it.

No one else does it like this. 


What Are the Health Benefits of Refinery Barre?

A typical Refinery goal: 10 pounds, 6 inches, and 1 dress size in 6 weeks.

Oh, yes. Clothes will fit better than ever.

The pounds and dress size are obvous: the six inches is the result of measuring hips, waist, chest, and biceps when you start — and again after six weeks.

Is it real? We see it time and again, which is why so many brides-to-be are Refinery clients — and why so many of their future husbands buy them Refinery plans as a wedding gift. And anniversary gifts. And Valentine’s Day…..

 Which brings up an important part. Yes, it’s true. Refinery Barre is great for your love life. The amazing lady who created barre, Lotte Berk, has discussed sex and barre at length.

Refinery Barre also increases stamina, endurance, and energy. You will be stronger and more flexible. You’ll likely even feel smarter. You’ll definitely be happier.

Not bad, right?

Results vary by individual. We all know that motivation is usually the toughest challenge. Refinery Barre excels at motivation. You won’t think “Oh, God, not THIS again.” We’re not repetitive. We’re not threatening. We most certainly don’t think we’re superior.

But, we do think YOU are superior. You’re unique. You’re special. You deserve this!



What Other Classes Are Offered at The Refinery? 

While we primarily offer true barre classes, we also have cardio classes for those who like to sweat!

Our cardio classes are: Rebox, which is influenced by kickboxing; Stix, which is a unique fast-paced class utilizing drum sticks; and Barredio, which incorporates barre positions performed at a much faster pace. And some fun stuff, too, like Bollywood (barre + belly dancing, complete with bangles) and our innovative yoga + bare stretch and flex series.

There is something at The Refinery for everyone! Check out our “Classes” tab for more info. 


What Should I Wear During a Class? 

Even though our classes are online, we nonetheless have clothing guidelines. Please wear comfortable pants, leggings, or capris and a form-fitting top. You will also want to wear sticky socks to retain your body’s heat as well as prevent your feet from sliding.




How Do Online Classes Work? 

Our live online classes are like any Zoom meeting, except you’ll be having FUN and actually accomplishing a LOT.

Once you sign up for a Zoom class, we’ll send you a link to a webpage. You log in to the class with a password (provide when you join; be sure to save it to your device). Then, set up the camera on your phone, tablet or computer so your instructor can see you; and that’s it. Your instructor will see  you (and all other participants) on her display, but participants don’t see each other.

During the class, the instructor may “virtual modify” how you perform an exercise or routine. And you can ask questions whenever you’re unsure.


Can Men Join? 

Men are absolutely welcome to take classes with The Refinery.



How Do I Sign Up for Classes? 

Yes, there’s an app for that.
The best way is with our Refinery App, available for iPhone and Android.

Click to download the app for iPhone and Android.

You can also register for classes using this website.

Or did you mean, how do I join the Refinery? Click here.